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Six incremental changes, implemented 1x1, week by week for six weeks with tangible, measurable results. LekkerFit "6x6" begins with a strategy and brainstorming session to determine where to focus our efforts and target areas for change. We talk about health and habits, how much you move your body and how, and how you feed your body. We also talk about past pitfalls, places where you are prone to self-sabotage and we work on constructing broad new passing lanes around those old sticking points on your road to better health, greater joy in the process and a fuller sense of satisfaction with self.

I work with each individual to customize a plan geared specifically to your body chemistry, schedule and lifestyle. From this initial conversation, I identify the six primary adaptations I believe will have the most impact; jump-starting your engine and re-routing you on your road to overall personal fitness.

I then submit these six challenges to you. Whether we’re adding units of cardio to your week or changing the fuel mix you are feeding yourself, you will prioritize each 1-6 in the order that best suits your existing routine. In this way, you drive the plan forward; by choosing how best to order it for your success, you seal your commitment to your own six week plan.