Before launching LekkerFit in her hometown of Pasadena, California, Chimene Visser worked a career’s worth of years as a manager of both high-end specialty retail stores and fine-dining restaurants. Her background in hospitality gives Chimene the ability to easily establish a rapport with each new client, enabling her to quickly begin identifying each person’s specific health needs and to then proactively address each individual’s challenges to greater fitness and whole health. Her ten years experience as a private chef for families with young children and teenage athletes helped cement her compassionate yet firm approach to clients facing dietary changes spurred by causes ranging from allergies and sensitivities to doctor-prescribed weight loss and emotionally triggered eating. Current clients include families transitioning to gluten- dairy- and yeast-free diets for Celiac disease or Autism spectrum disorders, post-surgical Lap-Band patients and restaurateurs and other professionals making dietary improvements to offset the physical demands of their lifestyles.

LekkerFit dietary restarts, food coaching sessions and fitness strategies are heaped with encouragement and generously seasoned with good humor. Chimene’s integrated approach to nutrition and whole health is built upon her keen awareness of Americans’ almost universal struggle with food and appetite, hunger and satiety.

Her highest objective with LekkerFit is to seek out the true dietary culprits of our past failures, and make incremental changes away from these unhealthy often “hyperpalatable” foods by introducing vital, nutrient-rich whole foods and probiotics to fuel our bodies better. Clients making these easy to follow, nutrition-based changes will experience a permanent shift in their relationship with food. Chimene’s broad background in the food industry delivers a coach who knows exactly what goes into the foods Americans are “using“ both at home and when dining out, where some of the greatest damage is done to our health. Her promise: “Together we will identify the dietary roadblocks that may have held you back in the past; by increasing your awareness of the fuel mix you use to power your body, you will quickly begin to step toward even long-unattained personal health goals. Working in a series of one-on-one nutrition consultations, interactive kitchen workshops and progressive training sessions, I will customize and tailor an integrated plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule ensuring the most successful outcome in your journey toward whole health. I know what it’s like to feel heavy in your body, no matter what you eat and how you train. I started there too. But I began to feel different when I decided to take back the power that we’ve given food to determine everything from the number on our scale to our mood upon waking.”

"LekkerFit is a journey upon which I have the great good fortune to embark with my clients as I cook, eat, train, sweat, sleep and breathe my way to a stronger, fitter self. On our shared road I hope to inspire family, friends and clients to seek their own sense of happy determination and willing struggle in their stride toward better health, deeper breath, longer life and greater joy. 'Effortless effort,' my friend and coach Jimmy calls it, and hearing him say it always makes me want to try."
-Chimene Visser, Athlete & Owner

ISSA: Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist January 2011 ASA Certified Sommelier April 2006 Current CPR & ServSafe Certifications