LekkerFit Food Coaching in NYC February 28, 2011 One day ONLY!

What if you could permanently change your relationship with food?

Each of our customized dietary restarts including our Chef-in-Residence program The Immersion-Version™ begins with an intensive one-on-one consultation. In this 60-90 minute intake session, I use your personal food journal as my guide to objectively assess everything from your fuel mix  (your protein/fat/carb ratio) to what impact your daily schedule and lifestyle might be having on your diet and overall health. Based upon your provided medical history and information gleaned from this initial strategy session, I lay the groundwork for your personalized dietary restart. These real food-based, zero-supplement adaptations yield immediate results; clients have experienced improvements in digestion, energy and mood within as few as three days. What if you could feel better in your own body, just by making a few nutrition-based changes? How might that impact your willpower? How might that motivate you to reach your health goals? What if, beginning with just one coaching session, you could start to shift the way you perceive the food you eat? What if you resolved to see food as a solution, rather than a problem?

I know what it’s like to feel heavy in your body, no matter what you eat and how you train. I started there too. But I began to feel different when I decided to take back the power that we give food to determine everything from the number on our scale to our mood upon waking.  For most of us, both our struggles and our triumphs have been reduced to that (oft-dreaded) number.  I challenge clients to step away from their scales; I teach a progressive transition from the burdensome chore of dieting to the joyful lost art of eating.

My highest objective with LekkerFit is to seek out the true dietary culprits of our past failures, to make incremental changes away from these unhealthy, often “hyperpalatable” foods by introducing vital, nutrient-rich whole foods and probiotics to fuel our bodies better. Together we will identify the dietary roadblocks that may have held you back in the past; by increasing your understanding of the fuel mix you use to power your body, you will quickly begin to step toward even long-unattained personal health goals.

For you and a spouse, a child, a co-worker or friend, I am offering 2 for 1 pricing on this vital initial consult. This represents a $150 savings or $75 per person per session. Los Angeles appointments in February are closed. March appointments will be available in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

New York City sessions are available from 9am-6pm Monday February 28, 2011. Please contact me at cnv@lekkerfit.com for more details, locations and available times.

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Kitchen Challenge: GHEE (wheeeee!!)

Ghee is a traditional preparation of clarified butter. For my experiment I used organic, pastured unsalted butter with no infused spices. The process of cooking down the butter removes water and milk solids resulting in an intensely nutty, buttery cooking agent free of casein and lactose. It was super-cool to make!!!

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Smaakt Lekker (Tastes Good!) Foods

We’re working on a new superfuel protein source for this month’s Altadena Urban Farmers Market at the Zane Grey Estate on Sunday Feb. 20th from 1-4pm. It’s a no-preservative, nutrient-rich assortment of legumes, quinoa, broccoli rabe and peas with tons of dietary fiber for a slow-burn and long lasting satiety. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onions, garlic and aromatic spices are a boost to immune function, and the dish is gluten, casein and lactose free.
Designed as the “anti-supplement” supplement, this “Plant Protein Power Pack” is a low-glycemic food packaged in heat-&-eat bags for easy prep. Add it to salad greens for a boost to your daily veggie intake; use as a base for a heart-healthy soup, heat and serve as a dahl-inspired side dish, or create a zero-additive, unprocessed veggie burger.
Ask yourself, would you rather have 18-20g of powdered protein from a can, or 20-25g and more than 50% of the RDA of dietary fiber in a single serving of delicious real, whole food?

Come see us at the LekkerFit booth this Sunday, we’ll be sampling this yummy whole food addition to our prepared foods line as fritters. Cooked in our fantastic homemade ghee, these crispy lovelies are irresistible!!

AUFM at Zane Grey

396 East Mariposa Street

Altadena, California

Event Link:


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Can We Foodies Save the Green Movement?

Great TIME Mag Article

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New Study about Obesity in the US.

Check out this link to the study that declares that the United States is no longer the fattest country. I’m going to try to get a peek at the whole study…I’d hope that a causal link to the relatively recent influence of the SAD & the new proliferation of US fast-food chains in these nations is made somewhere within. Eat like us, obese like us…

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Altadena Farmers Market

We had a great time at the Altadena Urban Farmers Market this weekend.  Please come join us next month on Sunday, 2/20 for more delicious gluten free products!

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