Smaakt Lekker (Tastes Good!) Foods

We’re working on a new superfuel protein source for this month’s Altadena Urban Farmers Market at the Zane Grey Estate on Sunday Feb. 20th from 1-4pm. It’s a no-preservative, nutrient-rich assortment of legumes, quinoa, broccoli rabe and peas with tons of dietary fiber for a slow-burn and long lasting satiety. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onions, garlic and aromatic spices are a boost to immune function, and the dish is gluten, casein and lactose free.
Designed as the “anti-supplement” supplement, this “Plant Protein Power Pack” is a low-glycemic food packaged in heat-&-eat bags for easy prep. Add it to salad greens for a boost to your daily veggie intake; use as a base for a heart-healthy soup, heat and serve as a dahl-inspired side dish, or create a zero-additive, unprocessed veggie burger.
Ask yourself, would you rather have 18-20g of powdered protein from a can, or 20-25g and more than 50% of the RDA of dietary fiber in a single serving of delicious real, whole food?

Come see us at the LekkerFit booth this Sunday, we’ll be sampling this yummy whole food addition to our prepared foods line as fritters. Cooked in our fantastic homemade ghee, these crispy lovelies are irresistible!!

AUFM at Zane Grey

396 East Mariposa Street

Altadena, California

Event Link:


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