Before launching LekkerFit in her hometown, of Pasadena, California, Chimene Visser worked a career’s worth of years as a manager of both high-end specialty retail stores and fine-dining restaurants. Her background in hospitality gives Chimene the ability to easily establish a rapport with each new client, enabling her to quickly begin identifying each person’s specific health needs and to then proactively address each individual’s challenges to greater fitness and whole health. Her ten years experience as a private chef for families with young children and teenage athletes helped cement her compassionate yet firm approach to clients facing dietary changes spurred by causes ranging from allergies and sensitivities to doctor-prescribed weight loss and emotionally triggered eating. Current clients include families transitioning to gluten- dairy- and yeast-free diets for Celiac disease or Autism spectrum disorders, post-surgical Lap-Band patients and restaurateurs and other professionals making dietary improvements to offset the physical demands of their lifestyles.

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