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Client Testimonial

In October 2010, we hired LekkerFit to create an “Immersion-Version” program for the two of us. The Chef-in-Residence option appealed to us most because as busy restaurateurs, our schedule makes year-round demands on our time. Chimene’s restaurant background meant that she understood first-hand our struggle to maintain balance in our work and home life. Chimene stayed with us for two weeks; she really analyzed our days and helped us reorganize a little each day in order to focus more on our overall health. She gave us guides on high-fiber plant proteins and low-glycemic fuel foods and she reinforced the importance of eating nutrient-rich foods instead of making hunger-based choices. By making just a few changes, we each lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

Having Chimene here with us side by side helped us quickly settle into our new routine and actually see that just a little more preparation each morning changed our entire day. We work 70-90 hours a week and Chimene helped us accept that our lives are busy and taught us how we could still eat better and break a sweat without feeling overwhelmed. The most important lesson we learned was that it doesn't have to take a lot of time, we just need to prepare better. We don't have to do everything to the max. We are able to benefit even when we only have 30 minutes to workout because Chimene’s intervals help us get the maximum benefit in the least amount of time.

Because of the demands of our work schedule, we aren’t always able to be home for dinner. Chimene understood that our program couldn’t work if we had to cook every night in order to make healthier food choices. She helped us cost out our expenditures on take-out and dining out and we realized that hiring a personal shopper/chef to assist us would be less expensive than what we were spending monthly on prepared food and meals away from home. Mainly, we wanted to ensure that we continued to fuel our bodies correctly. We now have someone shop for us one day a week, she stocks our kitchen with everything we need for the week and prepares us three simple healthy dinners, as well as snacks and fuel foods that we can take to work with us for the entire week.

Another way our LekkerFit Immersion program permanently changed our relationship to diet and food is its emphasis on having plenty of fuel sources at the ready. Eating more frequently has helped fuel our lifestyle better and we no longer overeat due to extreme hunger nor grab anything within our reach. Chimene introduced us to juicing, which allows us to take in three times as many green vegetables. Her signature protein shakes have become our solution for not breaking the fast because we’ve run out of time to eat in the morning. Instead of chips or crackers, we now snack on blanched snap peas, hummus and other high-protein dips. We eat a sensible dinner 5-6 days a week instead of just one. By giving ourselves just 15 minutes more before heading off to work, we are able to have breakfast and pack snacks for the day to bring with us. On weeks our personal chef cannot make it we commit to spending an hour in the grocery store buying food for the week and another hour or two prepping a few meals and snacks for the following week. Looking at this time a different way, we now see that in the same time we spend eating one dinner out, we can purchase and prepare food for an entire week.

Working with Chimene to overhaul our relationship to diet and exercise has changed our lives. Beginning with the pantry raid and kitchen makeover, to her analysis of our food journals, to grocery shopping lessons, Chimene laid out her strategies for our dietary restart in an accessible manner. Her one-on-one counsel sessions were flexibly timed to accommodate our oft-changing schedules. Her kitchen workshops showed us how to prepare healthy meals to carry us through our workweek and using her timesaving techniques, we are better able to fit exercise into each day. When we began with LekkerFit, we had never stopped long enough to really analyze our days and never believed we could find the time to do it all until Chimene showed us how easily it could be done. Without our health we have nothing and Chimene helped us understand that it's not a diet it's a life change.

Heather G., Philadelphia, PA