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I tell people in the market all the time: “I grocery shop for a living”. While no longer strictly true for me, it is something that private chefs do for clients on the daily. It’s always good for a laugh in produce and the best explanation for my encyclopedic knowledge of any given store’s offerings. Is it practical for 95% of us to pay for this? Maybe not. Are there exponential benefits and myriad rewards to a single, expertly-guided field trip? You be the judge. Here’s why: Private chefs are hired to source the finest, freshest ingredients. Most encounter specific dietary constraints, which can range from placating simple likes and dislikes to nourishing severely impaired digestive systems. We’re typically given carte blanche by our clients with the understanding that the finest of most things is often times also the most expensive. However, there is a resourcefulness that in my circle of friends is universal. We mostly live in fancy towns and shop with an expansive household budget. But we BUY with our personal budgets in clear view. We know every resource, every product, every ingredient’s availability, freshness, sale price. We know the fishmonger’s name. (We use the term fishmonger.) Want to shop smarter and faster? Want to save money and eat better than you ever have from the stores you already shop? Take me.