"I am an indoor cat. I spend inordinate amounts of time exercising inside. I spin, do Bikram yoga, and lift weights. Every year I make a resolution to get outside to exercise. Chimene actually got me out of the gym and showed me how great it can be to get outside and mix things up. The sun! The cyclists! The smell of the green grass! I want more. Much more. Try it, but know that you might become addicted."
-Laura F. Silverlake, CA

"I have noticed a huge difference from my weekly workouts with Chimene. She really knows what she's doing. I appreciate that she spends a lot of time making sure my posture and form are correct - not only to get the most out of the exercise, but more importantly, to avoid injury. I also like her method of circuit training. I am definitely stronger and have much better balance than when I started. While I have never been a fan of working out, Chimene's workout plans and kind motivation (fun, straightforward, but never aggressive), have kept me going week after week. Thanks,” - Marie L., Los Angeles, CA

“LekkerFit has changed the way I eat and the way I think about food. Being a Junk-a-tarian (a vegetarian that only eats junk food) was tough on my pregnancy and breastfeeding. I needed to make a lifestyle change for both me and my baby. I now have a better understanding of the impact of my food choices, and why it’s so important for me to eat well. I may not always pick the best things to stuff in my mouth, but when I start to eat too much junk, I think of Chimene, and remember to eat more fresh, whole fruits and veggies.”
-Staysi A., Lancaster, CA

"As a chef, I worked closely with Chimene in San Francisco and Sun Valley, Idaho. Chimene could tell you every ingredient in every dish on the menu. This information is very useful to those who are looking to make healthy choices when dining out, watching out for "hidden calories". Chimene knows food, bottom line, and food will fuel your workout and the rest of your day. It doesn't have to be bland or boring, she will show you what to eat and when. If you want to eat well and work hard, Chimene can make it happen.”
-Becky L., Ketchum, ID

“The difference in how we felt within just 3 days of her arrival was unbelievable...turns out food really is fuel after all.” -Dave G., Philadelphia, PA

“You are going to have to figure out how to clone yourself because Dave and I agree, we could never hire anybody that will be as good as you- you are uniquely engineered to do what you do. Most people don't have your dedication, charisma, energy and knowledge all rolled into one. You spoiled us and then left us for the West coast...”
- Heather G., Philadelphia, PA